Friday, March 8, 2019

2019 Events

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Our focus in 2019 will be on narrative.  
What stories do we tell, and how do we tell them?  

* Saturday,  January 19 - 10 to noon - Epiphany Episcopal Church (10th & Harding in Kaimuki) - Writers Workshop:  “The Voice of the Narrator:  Who’s Telling Your Story?”  Imagine that Audible wants to promote your book (or story) as one of its audible selections.  Better yet, Audible has asked you to choose the person, or persons, to record your book.  Make your selection.  Any actor or actors, any familiar or unfamiliar voice or voices.  You get to decide.  What is your answer?  Audible is waiting. To help you decide, you can go on and sample some of their narrators.  Explain your choice!  

Workshop leader:  Michael Little.

* Saturday, February 23 - 10:30 a.m. - Kapolei Library - Readings:  “When Love Goes Wrong, or Right.”  Followed by lunch at Assaggio Kapolei.

* Saturday, March 16 - 10 to noon - Epiphany Episcopal Church (10th & Harding in Kaimuki) - Writers Workshop:  “Hearing Voices” - Don't panic; sometimes it doesn't mean you're crazy.  Continuing our January discussion of the importance of voices in stories (the voice of the narrator; voices of characters; handling dialogue).  Janae Mitchell writes, "I became a writer so that the voices inside my head would become an acceptable occurrence." Bring a page of your own to read and talk about the voice or voices on that page.  
Workshop Leader:  Michael Little.  

* Saturday, April 27 - 10 to noon - Epiphany Episcopal Church (10th & Harding in Kaimuki) - Writers Workshop:  “The Story Behind the Story” -  Ever hear this question:  "What inspired you to write this story?"  What was the spark?  Do you have a muse who throws you ideas?

In Bag of Bones, Stephen King writes that "The muses are ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited."  Helen Hanson tells us that  "Inspiration is the windfall from hard work and focus.  Muses are too unreliable to keep on the payroll."  

Then there's this from Erica Jong, from Seducing the Demon:  "But the fact is, she [the muse] won't be summoned.  She alights when it damn well pleases her.  She falls in love with one artist, then deserts him for another.  She's a real bitch!"
Workshop Leaders:  Gail Baugniet & Michael Little.

* Saturday, May 25- 11:30 - Assaggio Kahala - Lunch and Guest Speaker:  
Richard Boudreau, “Engineering Our Way to Publication.”  Richard’s exciting 
new book is just out:  Engineering Our Way to the Moon: Untold Apollo Stories.  
He has a story to tell, and what an amazing story it is.  There are fascinating 
behind-the-scene tales of the challenging Apollo mission days, including Richard’s 
personal adventures (and misadventures), as well as the long and winding road of 
writing and publication that resulted in this remarkable book.  The cover features a 
July 1969 photo of Wernher von Braun and the NASA engineering managers at 
the Apollo 11 liftoff.  Their smiles are no bigger than Richard’s smile at the liftoff 
of this remarkable book!

* Saturday, June 29 - 10 to noon - Aina Haina LibraryWriters Workshop: “Narrative in Drama”  with Joyce Maltby (how is the story told? what can fiction writers learn from drama?). 

* Saturday, July 20 - 10 to noon - Aina Haina Library - Writers Workshop: “Food in Fiction” - the role of food in storytelling, such as the apple in Snow White.  Food fiction turns out to be a very popular topic (see  See also "Why Literature's Greatest Detectives Are All Obsessed with Food" (  Share examples of times you have included food as part of your writing.  Writing exercise: create a short scene with two or more characters sharing a meal. Workshop Leader: Michael Little.

* Saturday, August 17 - 10 to noon - Aina Haina Library - “Share a Favorite Writer”

* Saturday, September 21 - 10 to noon - Aina Haina Library - Writers Workshop: “Prose Poems” -  Workshop Leader: Carol Catanzariti.

* Saturday, October 19 - 10:30 to noon - Kapolei Library - Readings:  “More Scary Stories.”  Followed by lunch at Assaggio Kapolei.

* Saturday, November 23 (tentative) - 10 to noon - Aina Haina Library - Craig Howes on Narrative.