Sunday, August 15, 2021

Gail M. Baugniet: Developing Traits For a Novel Character


Hawaii Fiction Writers member Gail M. Baugniet shares her experience on developing traits for a novel character.  Her blog post also includes an excerpt from her latest book, Shards of Memory: Oral History In a Heartbeat.  Congratulations, Gail!

Here's the blog post and excerpt:

And here's the description of the book on Amazon:  

A novel based on family history research: SHARDS OF MEMORY - Oral History in a Heartbeat presents a heartwarming experience of emotional healing through storytelling, with a touch of romance and mystery woven throughout. Four grandparents offer an eclectic variety of tales to a grandchild healing from a tragic accident. As they relate tales concerning the hardships of ancestors in homelands across the Atlantic - Belgium, Ireland to Quebec, Bavaria and Prussia and Bohemia - each adult comes to accept the unpredictability of life.

 A touching travelogue, tender romances, a bit of mystery, with intent to entertain, and to entice others to record their own histories. Young Gahlen spends an inordinate amount of time with both sets of grandparents after a tragic accident permanently disfigures the child's leg. Eager to assure their grandchild of the lasting bonds of heritage, each grandparent shares tales of ancestors from Europe, Ireland, or Quebec, Canada. Their stories reveal hardships and joys along several branches of two families, from life in their homelands before 1838 and emigration, to a 1938 wedding uniting the two families. A plan designed to entertain and educate Gahlen brings solace to the grandparents as they relate family stories, recall poignant memories, and ultimately come to terms with grief in their own lives.

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